Visiting Prince of Peace

Looking out the entrance onto Erbes Road.

Looking out the entrance onto Erbes Road.

What to Expect

I'm considering attending Prince of Peace for worship, what should I know?  Every church has its own style of worship. Likewise, ours might be a little different than what you have experienced in other churches. But then again, maybe it won’t be. Our services are easy to follow and are completely laid out in the worship folder given to you before the service.

The content and focus for every worship service at Prince of Peace comes from the Bible and is founded on Jesus Christ. We read it, listen to it, pray about it, and even sing passages from it. While you may not be the singing type, feel free to simply listen to the song and join in whenever you feel comfortable. Loud or soft, on/off key, all our praises are beautiful music to God.

Is there a dress code?  No. This is a common question as people often wonder how they are expected to dress at a church. However, since the Bible presents no dress code, aside from simple decency and modest wear, we don’t either. Our members do try to make their worship time special and this often shows itself in the way they dress. But dress is a personal matter of worship before God. One may dress casually and glorify God just the same as he/she would in formal attire. Both are welcome. 

On any Sunday morning at our church you may see high heels and running shoes, shorts and suits, t-shirts or ties. Ultimately, it isn’t your clothes God is interested in on Sunday morning but that you are there to hear and learn from His gracious Word. 

Will I be expected to give money?  There are a lot of misconceptions out there about offerings and giving to a church. Here's the reality: The Bible teaches our offerings to God should reflect our belief that all we have is His gift to us (Psalm 24:1). We believe that with our offerings, we worship and honor God.

With that in mind, the members of Prince of Peace bring regular offerings collected during the service to express their thanks and love to God. These offerings are used to support the work of our congregation and similar work that is being conducted by other churches throughout the world. 

Because the Bible sets no specific amount one must give, again, neither do we. Rather, the Bible tells us that each person should give God whatever he/she is willing to give from the heart. Not out of obligation, however, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). 

As our guest, you might want to learn more about our ministry before you contribute to it with your gifts. Therefore, you should in no way feel forced to give an offering on Sunday morning. That being said, you are certainly free to do so if you choose. For us, it is enough that you are our guest in worship. For more information on supporting our ministry, check out our Support page. 

Will I be forced to sign up or commit to something if I come?  No. No one likes to be pressured into doing something they don’t want. We believe church membership should be voluntary. Getting to know God and building a relationship with a certain church takes time. And people need time to evaluate and decide if they want further involvement. We respect that need. 

Visiting a church for the first time is not easy. Since every member at Prince of Peace was once in your shoes, we’ll make our best effort to help you feel comfortable and welcome. No pressure. No expectations. Just an opportunity to learn more about your Savior God and meet some pretty amazing people.