Gracebook is a vital part of the ministry here at Prince of Peace. Our church offers this ongoing class as a way to acquaint people with the basic teachings of the Bible and the Christian faith as taught in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Though the class is really geared toward those new to Christianity, all types of people attend. Members of our church often take this class to refresh their knowledge of the Bible’s basic teachings. Skeptics and inquirers of the Bible come to ask questions. A person who is interested in joining our congregation may participate to find out for themselves what we teach and confess; in fact, we require all interested persons to take this class so that they know what we believe before they join our congregation and profess their agreement with our church.  Finally, anyone may attend the class simply to gain more knowledge about the Bible without any further obligation.

The class is called, “Gracebook,” because it is a title that really communicates the sole purpose of the Bible: to learn about and grow in the grace God has given to this world. Grace, which is God’s undeserved love for imperfect people, is something He longs to give everyone. Our prayer is that you see and receive it throughout our study and cherish it the rest of your life.

We are confident you will find this class not only informative and faith-strengthening, but also enjoyable.  Feel free to come dressed casually, to enjoy some good company with your fellow classmates, and to learn more about the message of God’s grace, love and forgiveness through his Son, Jesus Christ. All are welcome and invited to join at any time. Please contact Pastor Bater if you would like more information.

Classes are every Thursday @ 6:30PM