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Worship Focus for the Season of End Times

Over the centuries, those who study and teach the Bible have put certain Bible truths into a category called “eschatology,” from the Greek ta eschata, which means “the last things.” Eschatology includes biblical teachings such as heaven and hell, Christ’s return in glory on Judgment Day, and what happens when people die.

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In the final weeks of the Church Year, we spend time thinking about “the last things.” We do so because our Lord Jesus tells us to ponder and prepare for the end of all things that is drawing near. To do this we will listen to various words of Jesus recorded in the Gospels and from the Apostle Paul. As we think about these teachings, though, we do so without fear. Because Jesus has prepared us to face the last days by purifying us from our sin and its guilt, we can look forward to leaving this world and joining Him in the perfect happiness and glory of heaven. Here is a glimpse of what we’ll be looking at:

  • The Lutheran Reformation — October 28

  • The Final Judgment — November 4

  • Saints Triumphant Sunday — November 11

  • Christ the King Sunday — November 18

  • Thanksgiving Eve Service — November 22 (Wednesday)

  • The Final Sunday of the Church Year — November 25

Come check out the final weeks of the year to be comforted, strengthened, and prepared for the final days before Christ’s return. In Christ, we can live in and approach the last days with great joy and eager anticipation!

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